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Infen P Tablet

Infen P Tablet Prescription Required

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Description Of INFEN P TABLET

Salt Information:

Paracetamol(500mg),Dexketoprofen(25 mg)

Therapeutic Segment:

Analgesic; anti inflammatory


Short-term treatment of mild to moderatepain, includingdysmenorrhoea.

Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature.

Other Information On INFEN P TABLET

Side Effects:

Common side effects are diarrhoea; indigestion; nausea; stomach pain; vomiting. Uncommon side effects are constipation; difficulty sleeping; dry mouth; feeling anxious; feeling dizzy; flatulence; flushing; gastritis; general feeling of being unwell; headaches; pain; palpitations; rigors ;skin rash or rashes; sleepiness; tiredness; vertigo; weakness


Contraindicated in Active bleeding; Allergy to any of its ingredients; Allergy to aspirin or other medicines in this class; Asthma or history of asthma; Bleeding disorders; Bleeding from the stomach or intestines; Breastfeeding; Children; Crohn's disease; History of stomach or duodenal ulcers or indigestion; Inflammation of the bowel and back passage; Inherited tendency to bleed (haemorrhagic diathesis); Moderate to severely decreased kidney function; Peptic ulcers; Pregnancy; Severe heart failure; Severely decreased liver function.

Expert Advice:

This medicine may cause dizziness and so may affect ability to drive or operate machinery safely. This medicine is not for long term use