Launches Its First “Experience Center” In Jammu

Jammu, 26th June 2016:, an integrated online Healthcare aggregator, launched its first “SaveOnMedicals Experience Center” in Jammu today.  The SaveOnMedicals Centre would showcase an array of innovative Healthcare services that are otherwise available online through the www.SaveOnMedicals.Com site that are transforming the healthcare industry. The online portal helps customers to save on astronomically high medical finances and offers wholesome health services that include an online pharmacy and video consultation with reputed doctors.

At the inauguration event, the Chief Guest Mr. Kavinder Gupta – Speaker, Jammu & Kashmir Assembly said – “Technology in healthcare will help bring access to better medical facilities to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. SaveOnMedicals is bringing access to more than 100 specialist doctors of major hospitals like Max Hospital, BLK Hospital, Surrogacy Center of India, Dyslexia Association of India etc. through the use of its Video Consultation Platform. This would help patients in savings costs & time that they otherwise spend on visiting specialists in other states”.

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Learning Disability Among Children

Some children simply love going to school, while others dread it. Fear of getting scolded in the class as well as at home for poor performance in studies is mostly the reason behind children avoiding school, later on, all social gatherings. What teachers and parents sometimes fail to identify is if the child has any learning disability.

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Aloe Vera – Benefits & Insights

What are the benefits of Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera, also known as ‘Ghrit Kumari’ in Hindi contains more than 200 nutritional contents and is widely used in conventional medicines. Best known for its effects in glowing skin, it is also helpful in general health. It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. The key benefits of aloe vera are:

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Dealing with Possible Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to produce sufficient amounts of a hormone called insulin to process the food eaten by the patient. All the food you eat is converted by your digestive system into glucose, a form of sugar. When the pancreas senses a surge in the glucose levels in your body, it produces adequate amounts of insulin. This insulin carries some of the glucose to your cells so that they can convert it into energy and function. The balance is carried to your muscles and liver to be stored as fat. Because of diabetes, the pancreas is unable to produce enough of the hormone. As a result, the excess sugar continues to circulate in the blood as blood sugar. If left untreated, the disease can affect your organs and cause other problems.

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Dealing with Possible Heart Problems

Lifestyle Changes that can Help a Person Delay Old Age Problems–Part 1


(Dealing with Possible Heart Problems)


One of the many problems associated with aging is high blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can put you at risk for for heart disease and stroke. Your heart is a very sturdy muscle and beats at a steady rate during rest all through your lifetime. Kids and younger people have a higher heart rate when conducting vigorous physical activity. The heartbeat is an electrical activity that keep blood flowing to the different organs of the body and then back to the heart for diverting to the lungs. Here the blood receives pure oxygen, which is then circulated back to the cells of your body.


Causes for Heart Probelms

In response to the natural process of aging, your heart develops a condition called arteriosclerosis or a hardening of the arteries. The valves in your heart also stiffen and its size may increase. All these factors mean that your heart has to work harder to pump blood and this is blood pressure. A genetic predisposition to high blood pressure can also be a reason why you develop the condition as you age. However, by taking care of your heart and making major lifestyle changes, you can keep it healthy and working well.


Preventing Heart Disease

The best way to protect your heart is to get yourself tested early on so you know if you’re at risk. Check with your doctor and have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels assessed regularly. Work with his/her recommendations and follow these precautions:


High levels of bad cholesterol can lead to a building up of plaque in your arteries. As a result, they narrow down and do not allow the oxygen-rich blood to circulate. An excess buildup can lead to heart attack and stroke. Thus, it is very important that you keep your cholesterol levels under control by regularly taking the medication your doctor prescribes and following a low fat, high-fibre and low-sodium diet.

  • If you have high blood pressure, make sure you take the prescribed medication on time.
  •  Quit smoking and excessive drinking
  •  Maintain a healthy weight
  •  Exercise regularly (30 minutes of moderately vigorous activity at least 5 times a week should be good for starters)
  • Avoid stress
  •  If you have diabetes, keep it under control.
  • Give up your sedentary lifestyle and get moving. Take up a hobby that involves physical efforts.
  • Study the symptoms of a heart attack or irregular heartbeats and if you sense any of them, see a doctor right away.


By keeping these precautions in mind, you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from heart problems and lead a full, healthy life.

How to Save on Cost of Chemotherapy Drugs?

Chemotherapy drugs are, as a rule, very expensive and well out of the reach of the average middle-class patient. Combined with the costs of testing and radiation, medical care expenses can run over several lakhs of rupees that are not adequately covered by insurance companies. In this scenario, the patient has no choice but to get into debt. But, in today’s times, patients can check the various websites and look for more economical medicines online that have the same composition but are produced by local companies. Under the advice and guidance of their doctor, they can opt for these medicines that are easier on the pocket.


Activities of Indian Drug Price Regulating Agencies

In October 2014, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) removed the price control caps on 108 medicines that also included drugs used to fight cancer. However, beginning in May 2015, 12 important cancer-fighting drugs will be placed under the controlled price list by the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM). Accordingly, medicines like Letrozole for breast cancer, Zoledronic acid for multiple myeloma, Erlotinib for lung cancer and nine others will now be more accessible to patients.


India’s Efforts to Control Drug Prices

It is interesting to note, though, that the prices of most of the medicines that are produced by the innovating companies are very expensive as compared to their generic versions. India does not allow any of the international companies to patent their products in the country and this does help in controlling the prices in the country. Further, leading drug companies must have the mandatory licensing to produce the drugs and this allows other manufacturers to create and market generic versions that are more economical.


Comparative prices of Some Chemotherapy Drugs


Name of the Medicine Innovator Company Price Indian Generic Price Indian Name and Manufacturing Company
Temozolomide Rs 2.16 lakh (Temodar by Merck) Rs 20,000 Glioz by Dr. Reddy/ Temolon by Celon Labs/ Temoside by Cipla
Irinotecan Rs 1.87 lakh (Camptosar by Pfizer) Rs 25,000 Irinomil by Merck (India)/ Irnocam by Dr. Reddy/ Torsirin by Miracalus Pharma
Sorafenib (120 Tablets) Rs 2.8 lakh (Nexavar by Bayer) Rs 8,880 Soranib by Cipla/ Sorofenib tosylate by Natco Pharma
Trastuzumab/Herceptin Rs 135200 Rs 75,000 (Herclon by Roche) Canmab by Biocon
Docetax/ Taxane (120 mg) Rs 14,000 (Docetaxel by Pfizer) Rs 7,000 Docetaxel or Taxotere by Cipla
Rituximab (500 mg) Approx. Double (Mabthera by Roche) Rs. 40,000 Reditux by Dr. Reddy


It is also common knowledge that Gleevec, a drug used for treating leukemia costs $70,000 per patient over a year. But, this medicine costs just $2,500 in India. All these facts and figures indicate that generic drugs are much more economical and just as effective. Accordingly, patients can request their doctor to prescribe the more generic medicines and save on the costs of chemotherapy drugs.

Dealing with the Possibility of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that all adults face, as they grow older. Because of this condition, the body is unable to make enough bone mass to make up for the natural wear or the bones wear out faster than the body can replenish them. Adults reach the maximum bone mass density at the ages between 25 and 35 years. And, if you have lead an active, outdoor lifestyle as a child and young adult, youve probably fortified your body with enough bone mass to protect it against osteoporosis. After the age of 35, your body will begin to lose bone mass very gradually, but with a few simple precautions, you can delay its onset and ext

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Preventing Alzheimers and Dementia


Alzheimers Disease is the most common form of dementia. This disease can affect people in the middle or old age. Patients progressively experience memory loss, and the ability to conduct day-to-day activities. It is not necessary that every aging person develops Alzheimers, but you do raise your chances of contracting it later in life if you have the gene. This means that if a family member has Alzheimers, there is a possibility that you might get it too. Although, there is no cure, you can prevent or delay its onset by making certain changes in your life. Heres how:

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Damage to Your Eyes

Lifestyle Changes that can Help a Person Delay Old Age Problems – Part 5

(Damage to Your Eyes)


As you age, experiencing problems with your eyesight is a common phenomenon. And, considering that more and more young people are becoming susceptible to wearing glasses, it becomes imperative that you take care of your eyes. In older people, the formation of cataracts and macular degeneration are common complaints. Macular degeneration is a condition where the section of the retina that allows you to see sharp images gets affected and you begin to have blurred or spotty vision. A good preventive strategy is to go for regular eye exams and deal with the problems under your doctors recommendations.

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Should Adults Take Regular Supplements

Check your local chemist and youll probably see a range of supplements and multivitamins that promise you many health benefits. These can include better energy levels, relief from joint pains and other regular aches and pains, improved skin appearance, healthier heart, stronger nails and hair, and even raised libido. Before you buy any of these products and begin taking them, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and follow the recommendations.


Most doctors will tell you that instead of taking supplements, a better idea would be to improve your diet and include healthier and more nutritious items in your meals. Multivitamins are prescribed only to people whose test results show that they need the boosters because of having been sick for a while or for any other medical issue.

Common Misconceptions of Supplements

Most people take multivitamins and supplements for all the wrong reasons. And, without really needing them. Do, remember, that if you take water-soluble vitamins unnecessarily, they will simply pass out of your body naturally without doing you any real good. On the other hand, the fat-soluble vitamins that you take could build up in your body and reach harmful levels. Here are some of the most common misconceptions that you need to get rid of.

? Food does not have the adequate nutrition you need: This is not exactly true. Most processed food like cereals, the whole wheat flour most Indians buy at their local grocery store and many more contain fortified additions that raise their nutrition content.

? Vitamins can delay the onset of again.

? Vitamins can reverse the aging process.

? As you age, you need more supplements.


Supplements for the Elderly

Sometimes doctors might prescribe boosters for elderly people above the age of 65 such as those containing calcium, potassium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and fibre. But, this can be because of certain conditions such as:

? Inability to digest food (Many adults have had the gall bladder removed and this can make digestion difficult. A weakened digestive system because of aging can also be an issue.)

? Reduced appetite

? Elderly living alone who cannot cook healthy meals

? Dental problems that make chewing difficult (These can include missing or ill-fitting teeth)

? Restricted movement that does not allow them to spend time outdoors and get the Vitamin D they need

? Having health problems that contribute to deficiencies (This can often happen as side effects to certain medication.)


Supplements That Adults can Benefit From

While vitamins and minerals might also prove to be toxic if taken in excessive quantities, having them in moderation and under your doctors supervision can prove to be beneficial. Here are some examples:

? Women having passed menopause can take Vitamin D.

? Smoking adults show lowered levels of Vitamin C and could use a supplement.

? Pregnant women or women trying to conceive might need folates to help protect their future children from birth defects.