• Acne and Its Treatment

    Acne and Its Treatment

    Acne is a big obstacle in the achievement of people’s goals to achieve a clear and good looking skin. Acne is found to be the most common skin condition of all times. A study revealed that around 80% of the population suffers from acne at some point in their life. It is mistakenly thought to

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  • Infertility and Its Causes

    Infertility and Its Causes

    Infertility has become quite common in both men and women these days. There has been a 20-30 percent rise in the cases of infertility in last five years in India as per the recent study. Infertility is a complex process and determining the root cause of it involves a lot of medical research and investigations.

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  • Is arthritis curable?

    Is arthritis curable?

    Arthritis is a disease of joints. It affects millions of people worldwide and there are over 100 different types of it. Everybody wonders whether there is any cure for arthritis? This is still a mystery for the researchers. Till date, there is no known cure for arthritis. In the study, it was found that there

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  • Is arthritis genetic/ hereditary?

    Is arthritis genetic/ hereditary?

    Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder affecting the joints. Arthritis can affect the people of all ages including children, adults and elderly. It is found to be the major cause of disability worldwide. Every year millions of people suffer from arthritis. It is quite difficult to examine arthritis at early stages as it shows hardly any

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