• Health Benefits of Giloy

    Health Benefits of Giloy

    Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) is one of the popular and important herbs in Ayurveda. Since ages, it has been used in India due to its magical medicinal properties. Giloy is called as ‘Amrita’ meaning the root of immortality. Due to its numerous medicinal properties, it is known to be the queen of herbs. It can be used

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  • Tuberculosis: Diagnosis and Treatment

    Tuberculosis: Diagnosis and Treatment

    Tuberculosis is such a chronic disease if left untreated can lead to death. The most common form of TB is lungs TB but it can affect other parts of the body also. Tuberculosis can be Active or Latent. In case of latent TB, there is no specific symptom. Active TB commonly occurs commonly in lungs

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  • Nature remedies- Cure for dengue

    Nature remedies- Cure for dengue

    Dengue is one of the most dangerous forms of viral infection. It is transmitted by female mosquitoes. Dengue is affecting millions of people worldwide every year. In this scenario trying out some of the natural home-remedies can help to reduce the symptoms of Dengue fever. Here are some of the natural remedies to cure Dengue

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  • World Prematurity Day: Things to Know About Premature Birth.

    World Prematurity Day: Things to Know About Premature Birth.

    World prematurity day is celebrated to raise awareness about premature birth and its future impact on such babies and their families. In a study, it was revealed that one baby in 10 is born prematurely worldwide. Nearly 15 million children are born prematurely every year and it is leading cause of death of children under

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