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    7 Essential Nutrients for Healthy Hair

    7 Essential Nutrients for Healthy Hair

    Having healthy, long and beautiful hair is a deadly desire of everybody. Like skin, hairs do need healthy nutrition for their growth. The cells of hair strands are made up of keratin which requires essential nutrients for their good health. To make hair healthy, long and strong, they need to be nourished with a range of vitamins and minerals. Your eating habits do affect the health of your hair. Here is a list of some essential nutrients which should be added to your diet to get healthy looking hair.

    1. Protein: Protein is a crucial nutrient for hair growth as hair is made up of protein only. Lack of protein makes hair weak, dry and brittle. This leads to extreme hair loss and diminished hair growth. Since protein is the building block of hair so it very important to get enough protein in your diet. Eggs, dairy products, oats, chicken etc are rich sources of protein.
    2. Iron: Dark and green leafy vegetables are full of iron. Iron is an essential nutrient for the growth of hair. Lack of iron in the body inhibits the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the follicles and roots of the hair. This makes them weak and increases the risk of hair loss. Broccoli, spinach, kale, lentils are some of the good sources of iron which should be included in the diet.
    3. Omega-3 fatty acids: Our body is not capable of producing omega-3 fatty acids on its own, so it becomes important to get these from the diet. Omega-3 fatty acids supply essential oils to the hair which help them to become stronger and thicker. These also hydrate and provide nourishment to the hair. Walnuts, salmon, pumpkin seeds, avocado, flaxseeds are good sources of omega-3fatty acids.
    4. Biotin: Biotin is basically a water-soluble vitamin-B. Lack of biotin makes hair brittle and increases the risk of hair fall also. Biotin is important for cell proliferation. It provides essential amino acids for the growth of hair. Whole grains, egg yolks, yeast, liver etc are good sources of biotin.
    5. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is needed to make the sebum which provides nourishment to the hair. Lack of Vitamin A will reduce the sebum leading to dryness and itching on the scalp. Vitamin A is essential to boost the hair growth and to condition the hair. Carrots, pumpkins, apricots, spinach, sweet potatoes are rich sources of Vitamin A.
    6. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is essential for the absorption of iron in the body. It also increases the production of collagen which helps in strengthening of the capillaries connected to hair shafts. This ensures the regular supply of essential nutrients to the hair and promotes the growth. Vitamin c is the best anti-oxidant also which detoxifies the blood. Oranges, lemon, grapefruits, and berries are rich in Vitamin C.
    7. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is essential to promote the growth of hair efficiently. It helps in improving the blood circulation. It maintains the essential oils and PH level of the scalp. Increase in PH levels clogs the hair follicles which stops the natural growth of the hair. It protects the hair from sun damage also. Almonds, spinach, sweet potatoes, palm oil and wheat germ are rich in Vitamin E.


    Add these super foods to your daily diet and these will help to take care of your hair from inside out.  A healthy diet will help to add the shine and strength to your hair. So just stop relying on the artificial shampoos and conditioners and start your healthy diet today. You will definitely see a big difference.

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