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    Arthritis and Yoga

    Arthritis and Yoga

    Today we are living in the era of digitalization where we can get every facility while sitting at home without any much effort. Modern techniques have made the life of people easier to much extent. But along with advancement in facilities, there is the increase in the number of diseases as well. People are getting more prone to diseases now a day’s. In the race of making money we are neglecting our health and thus we are getting prone to disease. Arthritis is one of the common and chronic disorders which are prevailing worldwide at increasingly high speed. Many factors are supposed to be the causes of this killer disease. Modern lifestyle and lack of physical activity can be blamed for arthritis. Stresses, lack of sleep, obesity are also winning the race among the top causes. So looking toward all these root causes there comes an urgent need to find the method to control them.

    Yoga is found to be the best and natural method to manage the symptoms of arthritis. Yoga is said to be an art and science of living. Yoga involves slow and controlled physical movement of joints which is found helpful for Arthritis patients. It helps in increasing circulation and thus reduces pain of arthritis.


    Yoga is originated in ancient India which is a group of physicalmental, and spiritual activities or disciplines. It is not just about doing exercise and asanas but it is integration of emotions and elevations of spirits which gives the glimpse of something which is beyond the imagination. It emphasizes on bringing harmony between our body and mind.

    It is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means to unite or join. It includes various postures. Practicing yoga has many health benefits as it helps us in making us fit, flexible, and fresh for the whole day and keeps us away from several diseases. Doing yoga just once in a day can help in reducing stress as well.


    Arthritis is the disorder of joints. Arthritis is a vicious cycle because the pain does not allow making the movements which makes the condition worse day by day. So it is recommended that, patients should keep doing small movements. In this case Yoga can be helpful.

    Yoga is certainly helpful in Arthritis. Simple movements help in increasing the circulation in the joints and limbs. It does not matter what kind of arthritis we have, practicing yoga can give miraculous results. Studies show that yoga reduces the pain occurring due to the disease. It helps in strengthening the joint muscles.

    ASANAS:  Various Asanas like Basic Movement, Pavanamuktasana, Swastikasana, Veerasana, Trikonasana, Vrikshasana are helpful in increasing the circulation of blood in the joints and limbs. Steady, slow and controlled movements are recommended and should not be maintained for long.


    • Veerbhadrasana or Warrior pose: It help in strengthening the arms, legs and lower back and extremely beneficial for frozen shoulders.
    • Setubandhasana or Bridge pose: Useful for back muscles and good for osteoporosis patients.
    • Shavasana or Corpse pose: This pose releases stress and brings complete relaxation to the body. It helps in repairing of tissues and cells.
    • Vrikshasana or Tree pose: Improves balance by strengthening the legs and back.
    • Marjariasana or Cat stretch: It brings flexibility and strength to the complete body and improves blood circulation as well.

    PRANAYAMA: Simple Pranayama is usually recommended n which deep breathing is done, along with Inhalation and exhalation via nostrils is found to be very effective in Arthritis patients.


    Yoga is a medicine for every problem. The key to dealing with arthritis is to keep on moving. Yoga offers a really excellent exercise option. For people suffering with pain of arthritis, yoga is supposed to be gentle and enjoyable practice that can be done regularly. There is nothing that yoga will not help. Yoga helps in building muscle strength, joint flexibility and also helps in balancing the body. The more yoga is practiced, the more we are benefited.

    Moreover, yoga is not just about a day activity but this is practice which is a commitment for whole life. Yoga does not only help to improve your physical body but also helps in relaxing your mind and maintaining inner peace. It is advisable to seek doctor’s advice before taking up yoga or any other type of physical exercise during arthritis. Yoga results in improving the range of motion which reduces stress and tension and ultimately induces a good sleep during night.

    Along with pranayamas and meditation, Yoga puts a great impact on physical, mental and emotional factors of our life in such as way that now we considered it to be an important aspect for our life. Even though, yoga cannot be considered to be substitute for medicines. It is very important to learn and practice yoga under the supervision of a yoga teacher or health expert. So, with some lifestyle modifications and including yoga in our daily routine can help us in getting rid of this ailment.

    Ultimately, the motto of life should be to have good health so that we can enjoy the every bit of life without missing any moment. Nobody wants to be dependent on medicines and make their life restricted. So it takes little efforts and thoughts to make ourselves healthy again to live quality life.

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