Generic Vs. Patented Medicines

Generic vs. Patented Medicines–Why You Need to Be Wary


The rising costs of medicines are making them inaccessible to the common person. To counter this problem, the Government of India is making plans so that more of generic medicines are made available to the people. Beginning in October 2010, many generic medicines are being offered free of cost at public hospitals and health centres. India is the one of the leading manufacturers of the world’s generic medicines and almost 20% of the drugs produced all over the world are sourced in India. However, before choosing to take generic medicines there are some very important facts that you must keep in mind.

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MDR and XDR TB: Causes & Cure

What is MDR TB?

Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria that have multiple strains in seven groups or categories. Over the years the bacteria has evolved to become resistant to the most commonly used medicines and they are able to pass this resistance ability to their descendents thus creating a more serious form of the disease.

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