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    Can arthritis happen in young age?

    Can arthritis happen in young age?

    Young age is the age of discovery and dreams. Youth is said to be future of the country and the vision of one’s country lies in the hands of young people. Also, this is the age of freedom where we feel independent and the feeling of freshness, vigor, and spirit is there. But what if suddenly you came to know that you are suffering from some severe disease such as arthritis? This will be really shocking and heartbreaking. We are very much aware of the fact that risk of chronic diseases increases with increase in age. We assume that the diseases can happen in old age only and by that time we need not worry. But we need to change our concept as with the advancement in technology the diseases are not limited only to old people but young age people are also suffering from severe diseases. 


    Arthritis is one of the leading diseases among youth. Arthritis is such a disease which can occur at any age of life starting from childhood to old age. No one expects that this type of severe disease can affect anybody at a young age. But surprisingly, the statistics are more shocking than this. As per the experts in India, numbers of young people who are suffering from arthritis are increasing at the steady rate. At the young age, only people started to plan their lives and work hard to achieve their dreams. But if they get the victim of any such severe disease, this hampers their life and all their dreams are shattered. Arthritis is such a disease which if not diagnosed and treated well on time can cause severe disability which can be for the rest of life.

    The thought of getting dependant on medicines makes them gone crazy. Generally, when we are young we don’t take care of small illness or diseases. We thought that within a day or two that will be cured and we will be back to our normal life. But this does not happen always. Today prevalence of arthritis is increasing worldwide and in India too. This disease is targeting our youth as well. Young people are suffering from this rate in increasing rate due to the change in lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and moreover the lack of physical activity. Young women are more susceptible to arthritis especially osteoarthritis. There are the number of other factors as well which leads to arthritis in young people.


    According to researchers, some people have genes which make them susceptible to this disease. They believe that arthritis is not inherited the disease. When some infection attacks the body the genes get activated and malfunctioning of the immune system occurs which produces the agents which attack out joints, leading to arthritis. The reason behind the cause of arthritis is unknown and it is still a mystery as we cannot take only a single cause for having arthritis.

    Some of the common causes are listed below:

    1. Genetic factors
    2. Lifestyle changes
    3. Environmental factors
    4. Lack of physical activities
    5. Lack of sleep
    6. Stress
    7. Unhealthy eating habits
    8. Obesity



    The changes observed in arthritis have the huge impact on quality of life. Arthritis can affect hand, wrist, arms, limbs, knees, fingers, hips etc. Common symptoms of arthritis are:

    • Joint pain
    • Muscle stiffness
    • Swelling and inflammation
    • Fatigue
    • Weight loss
    • Tenderness of joints
    • Difficulty in moving



    Yes, if not diagnosed and treated well in time arthritis can lead to disability in young people. Ignorance to this disease can be problematic and can put your life at risk. The life became restricted if arthritis is diagnosed. Arthritis is found to be most common cause of disability. The activities of daily life get ruined. We need to frequently visit a doctor. This decreases the mobility and it makes an individual less active resulting in other diseases such as obesity, increase in cholesterol level and become susceptible to heart diseases as well. Sometimes the fear of worsening symptoms of arthritis and home boundations increase the risk of getting depression. So arthritis can give rise to many other diseases if not managed at the earliest.


    The fact is that there is no cure for arthritis. The treatment of arthritis includes the combination of various factors. We cannot depend on only one method of treatment to cure arthritis.

    It includes following methods:

    1. Changes in lifestyle.
    2. Weight loss
    3. Avoid alcohol, chewing tobacco and smoking
    4. Have healthy diet
    5. Take proper sleep
    6. Regular exercise and physical activities
    7. Reduce stress
    8. Physiotherapy
    9. Use of medications


    By following the steps given above it is possible to treat the ailment of arthritis. It is not a big stone to be turned but some efforts can help us to live a normal life. Social support from family and friends can also help the youth to cope up with this threatening disease.

    If we see young people generally have positive thoughts about life. They have the ability to face all the challenges and problems which come in their life. To achieve their dreams they are always ready to fight with everything which comes on their way whether it is a person or any disease. They just need the support from near and dears.

    The role of youth is most important in today’s era. They equally contribute to the economy of the country. They are the bright futures of our country and to keep them healthy should be the duty of government as well. The government should start awareness programs which can educate the young people and their loved one to how to overcome arthritis. The proper knowledge about arthritis can help the people to recover at the faster rate. The motto should be to eradicate this disease so as to live long and healthy life. By doing this we achieve our dreams and serve the nations with our skills. We should not allow any such disease to break our confidence.

    The times comes to make some revolutionary changes so as to live a disease free life, then only we make ourselves and our country proud though we are the building block of our nation.

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