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    Diwali- Festival of Lights Not of Pollution and Plights

    Diwali- Festival of Lights Not of Pollution and Plights

    Diwali, the festival of lights is almost here. Diwali is largely celebrated in India as a Hindu New Year. Diwali is a festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil. But from last few years, on this joyful occasion, we are doing more harm to our nature and ourselves than doing something good. The way we celebrate Diwali is putting the lives of a present generation and future generation which is yet to come at risks. Yes, the risk of developing a serious and chronic disease. Earlier Diwali was celebrated as a festival of love by lighting earthen  Diyas and by distributing sweets to family and friends. But with the advancement in technology, the way of celebrating this auspicious occasion has been changed tremendously. Now a day’s it involves bursting of firecrackers causing immense noise, smoke, huge garbage and everlasting pollution.

    How fireworks are burning our lives?

    Pollution is one of the topmost and major concern for developing countries like India. On Diwali, pollution reaches its worst. The increase in pollution during Diwali comes out to be 30%. Diwali night is a night on which the whole country is busy firing the crackers. Firing crackers has become a status symbol. This is just not more than a show of one’s status. These firing of crackers release the harmful gasses which are dangerous for our health. At present we are facing major problems, Air pollution and Global warming. This pollution is giving rise to many other severe diseases and worsens the existing diseases. Also, many other living organisms are about to exhaust soon due to this pollution. The pollution graph is rapidly increasing every year.

    Fireworks causing air pollution.

    Burning of crackers releases harmful gases such as Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Sulfur dioxide, Phosphorous, Zinc, Magnesium and Nitrogen dioxide. These gases mix with the air resulting in air pollution. This polluted air is then inhaled by us and it gives rise to life-changing diseases such as Asthma, Cancer, Skin diseases, Anemia, Kidney disorder and many more.

    In 2016, after Diwali, Delhi recorded PM2.5 levels at around 21 times more than the permissible limit. The skyline was seen full of smog and people find hard to breathe. Low visibility was also seen before and after Diwali. Breathing in the air after Diwali was like smoking more than 40 cigarettes a day. Really, it was a drastic situation to overcome with.

    This pollution greatly affects children, young adults, older people and pregnant women. Air pollution comes out to be the major cause of premature death in India. It damages the arteries and lungs making us more vulnerable to diseases. These fireworks contain which some toxic metals which are very much harmful to the human body. Not only this, there are a majority of children who are involved in the making of these crackers and are getting prone to asthma and Tb. Coming in contact with the gunpowder and other toxic chemical ingredients put them at the higher risk of developing chronic disorders. Thus, production of these crackers not only contributes to child labour but also darkens the bright future of our country.

    Immense noise pollution

    The fact that these fireworks cause huge noise pollution cannot be denied. It affects not only human being but animals also. It affects the most sensitive parts of our body this is our ears. The high decibel noise can cause hearing loss, stress, sleeping disorders and hypertension.

    Never ending scrap and garbage

    The huge increase in tons of garbage is seen during the occasion of Diwali. An extravagant packing used during Diwali increases the tons of garbage to about 1000. The situation becomes worse the day after Diwali when streets are seen littered with enormous remnants of these fireworks. This scrap is huge and is a threat to our environment as it contains harmful toxins.

    Apart from these are a number of accidents and injuries seen during this festive season. Numbers of people get injured every year due to the fire of crackers. Sometimes these crackers lead to vision loss also.

    Pledge for a Green and Peaceful Diwali this year

    Despite the fact that Diwali fireworks cause huge damage and destruction to the environment, people feel like Diwali is almost incomplete without crackers. But have they ever realized that this costs nothing to them? The burning of crackers is mere a waste of money and is a threat for the environment too. Just because we wanted to show off the power of our status and money we are inviting diseases for us.

    There are several other methods to celebrate Diwali. Lighting up your house and workplace with homemade Diyas will not only protect the environment but also helps to save on our pocket and save on medical bills.

    Diwali is all about spending time with your loved ones and creating happiness all over. Already we have done a lot of damage to our motherland so let’s take a pledge not to worsen the situation anymore. We need to preserve our environment and motherland for our future generation so that they can also take a breath in a clean and healthy atmosphere. It is our duty which cannot be neglected. Small changes can make big differences and we need to start from a small change only. We cannot change the whole world but we can change ourselves because we are the creators of this world.

    Let’s go for some revolutionary change this year. Burn your ego instead of crackers this Diwali. This will give you internal happiness.

    Wishing you all a very Happy, Safe, Prosperous and Green Diwali 2018.

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