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    This Dussehra burn these 5 devils in you to stay healthy

    This Dussehra burn these 5 devils in you to stay healthy

    The nation will be celebrating Dussehra on 19 October this year. Dussehra is the festival celebrated as a triumph of good over evil from last many decades. With each passing year, the ways of celebrating may be changing but the message remains the same. So this is the best time to start a fresh beginning by taking care of your health. This Dussehra we will pledge to ban all the evils and demons residing in ourselves. Like in Dussehra we burn the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghanad and celebrate the victory of good over evil, the same way we will demolish our bad habits and will prevail the good ones.

    On this occasion of victory here are some of the devils which we should burn to enjoy the good health and stay longer:

    1. Unhealthy eating habits: The most common reason for increasing health problems is our unhealthy eating habits. In this fast moving life, most people avoid their breakfast to rush to their workplaces. This results in increased hunger and craving for unhealthy food including fast food, sugary products. Such unhealthy habits and skipping meals lead to many health issues such as diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and many more. It is always advisable to take breakfast to stay active all day. Diminish your unhealthy food habits and half the job is done.
    2. Sedentary lifestyle: The modern day lifestyle is a sedentary lifestyle which is almost killing us each and every day. The sitting jobs are proving banes for us. Sitting for a longer duration of time increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and fatigue. We should not sit continuously for more than 20 minutes and should take a walk for at least 5 minutes in between. There are some Yoga positions are which can be done while sitting also to stay fit. A daily walk of 30 minutes is highly recommended.
    3. Alcohol and tobacco: Addiction to alcohol and tobacco is one the most dangerous evils prevailing worldwide taking the lives of millions of people every year. It is increasing the risk of life-threatening diseases as well. So whether you are a drug addict or abused it is advisable to curb this evil in you from now onwards. You can take the help of rehabilitation centres also to vanquish the evil forever.
    4. Stress and anxiety: Little bit of stress is the part and parcel of life but now a day’s stress has reached its extreme levels. This can be due to official work, family problems, financial problems or any social problem. Stress increases the risk of many health disorders such as depression, sleep apnea, heart diseases and infertility. Eat good food and take sound sleep daily to avoid stress.
    5. Smoking: Smoking is another evil which needs an urgent attention. Some people smoke for their enjoyment and some people find smoking as a relaxation technique to relieve their stress. But this is not a good thought. This enjoyment can be life taking also if not left at the earliest. While smoking people forget that it is not burning from outside only but it is burning you from inside also. This habit can lead to various heart diseases, lung diseases and can ruin your whole life. These days various nicotine replacing chewing gums are easily in the market which helps to stop smoking cessation. You just have to make your willpower strong to quit smoking.


    Now we all are set to fire the Ravana this year. So pull up socks and get ready to burn your all the evils this Dussehra. Take a pledge to stay healthy and banish the bad evils. Small changes can lead to big differences. We all should try to fight the evils within ourselves to stay a healthy and happy life.


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