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    Early symptoms of Infertility you must check

    Early symptoms of Infertility you must check

    Infertility is ‘not being able to conceive after regular unprotected sex for about one year or more’. Before one year couple cannot be considered as infertile. Before you try to get pregnant or plan your pregnancy you must look out these signs and symptoms in our body which can suggest that will you be able to conceive normally or not. The early detection of these signs can help you to get the early treatment in case you are suffering from infertility. Infertility can be reversed with some medications only if detected at the early stages. In some of the cases, there is need to operate the patient to treat infertility.

    The early signs and symptoms are enlisted as below:

    Irregular menstrual cycle: Normal menstrual cycle if from 28-34 days. Few days of up and down are permissible but if you are not able to keep the track of your menstrual cycle due to an irregular time period, then this is the time to visit your doctor. Irregular periods indicated that you are going through some problem and you are not ovulation. Anovulation is related to infertility and luckily there exist treatment also to cure this disorder. Early detection can help you to conceive in near future.

    Heavy or light periods or missed periods: Heavy or light periods are also the sign of infertility. These are due to change in hormonal balance. Heavy periods are due to low progesterone level. Abnormal changes in the flow of periods indicate that you are not ovulating and for getting pregnant ovulation process is necessary. Missed periods also indicate that you are suffering from health disorders.

    Painful periods: Painful periods are not always related to infertility. Cramps of pain during periods can be related to endometriosis which is another sign of infertility.

    Weight gain without unexplained cause: Weight gain can be due to insulin resistance which is one of the causes of PCOS. Unexplained weight gain is the sign of a health-related issue and may not be always related to infertility. You should visit the doctor to clear the doubts.

    Thinning or loss of hair: Hair loss is a common problem nowadays. It does not mean that you are infertile but not to forget that hair loss is the sign of PCOS also. The women with PCOS struggle to conceive.

    Sudden Acne: Acne can be due to hormonal balance and during childbearing age, it can be the sign of PCOS. PCOS results in anovulation which hinders the fertility of women.

    The unwanted growth of hair: Another sign of PCOS is an unwanted growth of dark coloured hair on your body parts. More amounts of androgens are produced during PCOS leading to excess growth of unwanted hair. PCOS is the leading cause of infertility but it is treatable also.

    Low libido or changes in sexual desire: Changes in hormonal levels can change sexual desire in both men and women. Endometriosis can result in low sexual desire in women. This can be the sign of infertility also.

    Unhealthy gut: Digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, upset stomach bloating, leaky bowel syndrome are the signs of the poor health of your gut. It is must to have a healthy gut to achieve fertility. If you suffer from any of these problems it is the time to rush to the doctor as this can be related to infertility.

    Other signs are low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, poor ejaculation, premature ageing, bacterial or fungal infection.

    Early detection of these early symptoms can help you to plan your pregnancy. Being infertile does not mean that you cannot conceive at any point in your life, it is a treatable disorder which can be reversed with some lifestyle modifications and medical treatment.

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