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    Enhance Your Fertility And Get Ready To Welcome The Newborn.

    Enhance Your Fertility And Get Ready To Welcome The Newborn.

    Once in a lifetime, every couple wants to enjoy the feeling of parenthood. Trouble in conceiving can shatter their dreams and can make them depressed. Sometimes after several efforts also the pregnancy kits refuses to change the colour and with every negative test hope for newborn also diminishes. It is not necessary that every woman will conceive naturally. Conception may be delayed in some women due to certain factors and by making some modifications in those factors, a successful pregnancy can be achieved.

    In this article, we will share some helpful tips to enhance your fertility and to increase the chances of conceiving.

    1. Healthy and nutritious Diet: The first step towards conceiving is to maintain a healthy diet. As per health experts, it is recommended to have more protein food in your diet. One should curb processed foods and trans-fats containing food. Limit the intake of caffeinated products and go for dairy products especially the whole milk. Avoiding intake of sugary drinks or products can help you to maintain the good glucose levels because insulin resistance can affect your ovulation process. Include supplements containing multivitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your daily diet. Try to eat organic vegetables and fruits as much as possible. Eating fibrous food will help you to maintain a healthy weight.
    2. Weight management: Over or under weight of your body can affect your fertility. If you are overweight, losing some pounds can be beneficial. Too excess or too less body fat can disturb your hormonal levels and cause problems during ovulation. Proper exercise can help you to maintain good and healthy weight. Overdo can also be harmful so it should be under the supervision of an expert only.
    3. Consume plenty of water: Your body must be hydrated to have a healthy pregnancy. Lack of water can result in dehydration which affects the cervical fluid and does not allow the sperm to reach to the egg.
    4. Avoid alcohol and smoking: Smoking and drinking alcohol both are injurious to health especially if you are planning for the pregnancy. The toxins can be harmful to the egg and can hinder the process of fertilization and implantation. Addiction can lead to permanent damage to your fertility. Eradicating these habits can reverse the effect and can help you to conceive.
    5. Check your fertility window: If you are planning to conceive then you must check your days of ovulation. The normal menstrual cycle lasts from 21 to 34 days. Ovulation test kits are available in the market which can help you check days of ovulation. Keeping the track of basal body temperature can also help to check your ovulation time. Having intercourse during these ovulation days increases the chances of conception.
    6. Forget stress: Stress is the part of our life but excess stress can lead to fertility disorders also. Learn to manage the stress. There are various relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga which helps you to relax your mind and body and therefore boosts your pregnancy.
    7. Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides: The harmful toxins present in the pesticides can be harmful to the fertility of both men and women. The people who are involved in such business should wear some protective agents to avoid the danger.
    8. Use of safe lubricants: Some lubricants have a spermicidal action which affects the motility of the sperm and make fertilization difficult. It is better to avoid lubrication or should go for sperm friendly lubricants such as olive oil, baby oil, and vegetable oil.
    9. Frequent intercourse: Having sex on alternate days helps to increase the chances of conception. Intercourse after long intervals affects the motility and count of sperms. So the couples trying to conceive should have sex on alternate days. This will be good for sperm and will help to have good conception.


    At last, it is necessary to make some lifestyle changes to prepare for healthy pregnancy. Kick out your bad habits and stay calm. Small changes lead to big differences.

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