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    How can a person with arthritis manage his life effectively?

    How can a person with arthritis manage his life effectively?

    Arthritis is not merely a single disease but an umbrella term which comprises of a group of medical conditions which are painful and degenerative in nature and predominantly includes inflammation or swelling of the joints resulting in pain and stiffness. We are very much aware of the fact there is no cure for arthritis. There are various treatments available that can slow down its effects and can minimize the damage to the joints. Managing arthritis and its symptoms can be a challenging task for maximum people. This is a condition which cannot be treated completely. When it comes to medicines, painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed by the doctors to relieve the pain and the fact that these medications have some side-effects also cannot be denied. Therefore, we can go for some natural arthritis curing methods which are always helpful for a long term. But, before giving any such try advice from the health experts should be taken. To enjoy the better quality of life, management of arthritis is a must.

    Living with arthritis is not very easy and managing daily activities can often be quiet painful and difficult. In such scenarios, to live a healthy lifestyle and to deal with this condition effectively, we can try many other things which can beneficial for us. Apart from the medical treatments, we can try some other ways to manage arthritis. These methods are listed as below.

    • Weight Management

    The pain of arthritis is directly related to the weight of our body. Our body’s extra weight directly puts pressure on feet, knees, and hips. So, management of weight is important to reduce the pain. It can help us to reduce the stress on painful joints as well. Weight loss can be a good thought to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. It will help in keeping the body flexible and mobile and will ultimately reduce the pain. Risk of other diseases due to arthritis can also be avoided by managing our body weight.

    • Stress Management

    During arthritis, the pain, fatigue and side effects of medications can cause stress. Moreover, stress can trigger arthritis symptoms. However, there are techniques to manage daily stress and improve your mood to get the feeling of well being. Doing meditation daily can be helpful in reducing stress. Firstly the cause should be identified and then only we can manage stress. Try to share your feeling and thoughts with family and friends. It will make you feel relax. Taking too much stress can make the situation worse.

    • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a technique which was widely used by the ancient Chinese in the treatment of various medical conditions including the symptoms of arthritis as well. The procedure incorporates tiny needles which are inserted into the skin and specific body parts to stimulate specific points. It primarily works on correcting the energy imbalances in our body. It helps in restoring the balance of the body by rerouting the energies present in the body. This therapy is supposed to be one of the best techniques and even the health experts recommend it to the patients suffering from many other chronic diseases like that of arthritis.

    • Proper sleep

    The pain and inflammation of arthritis do not allow the patient to get enough sleep. Sometimes the pain is unbearable that directly affects the sleep. Health experts recommend that people suffering from arthritis should get sleep of at least seven hours. Then only they can get sufficient energy to perform daily activities.

    • Healthy diet

    Taking healthy diet can help you to recover through arthritis. They are many nutritional foods s which can be effective during arthritis. Avoiding junk food and high-calorie food can help.

    • Exercise

    People believe that exercise should not be done during exercise but to keep the body in motion we should go for some simple exercise as well. The exercise should be performed only under the supervision of experts.

    • Yoga and Pranayam

    Yoga is one of the best and ancient methods to cure arthritis. Practicing yoga daily increases the circulation among the joint and limbs and thus help his movements as well. It is helpful in reducing the pain and stiffness of joints. Along with pranayama is also supposed to be the method to improve circulation via breathing exercises. These both the techniques together can help us to manage arthritis and our life effectively.

    • Hot and Cold Therapy

    Hold and cold therapy are the simplest methods which can be performed at home and these can help a lot in reducing the intensity of arthritis pain. Taking frequent warm showers or using a heating pad is helpful in improving the flexibility of the joints. Likewise, cold treatments are beneficial to manage inflammation and pain of the joints

    • Use of Medications

    There are thousands of medications are available currently to manage the symptoms of arthritis. These can help us to reduce the pain and inflammation to a great extent. Although these have some side effects we cannot ignore the fact that the benefit that medicines can offer will be gained from any other resources. Also, we can get look for some Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines to cure arthritis as these have little or no side effects.

    Last but not the least we should have the positive attitude towards the life. A positive outlook can help a lot in fighting against the agony of arthritis. We should take care of ourselves emotionally and physically both. Science also says that positive attitude is most important for optimal physical health. Education, motivation, concentration are the keys to live a disease free life. Medicines will also show positive effects if we have positive look towards the life. Having a positive approach towards arthritis can give you magical results. We should accept the facts and should try to find out the ways to cope with them instead of ignoring and feeling depressed.

    So, to deal with the challenge of arthritis we must keep positivity towards life then only we can manage our lives effectively and efficiently.

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