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    Infertility: Some interesting facts

    Infertility: Some interesting facts

    Getting pregnant is an easy process for most of the couple. It takes only a few days or weeks for some couples to conceive after they plan for pregnancy. And for some, it takes some months, years or more than that also. Getting pregnant is not about luck, in fact, it is about perfect timing and release of hormones. There are some interesting facts behind your fertility status. Learning about these facts can help you to plan your conception.

    Scroll down to learn these facts:

    1. Most fertile days: Usually in a normal menstrual cycle which is from 28-32 days, ovulation occurs between 11-16 days after menstrual cycle is over.It’s not that the day women ovulate is the only fertile day to conceive. Having sex before and after 5 days of ovulation increases the chances of conception. Sperms can live inside the women for up to 7 days and it takes around 12-24 hours by the sperm to fertilize the egg. So fertilization can take place even if the egg has not released.
    2. Biological clock of men: Fertility in men decreases after the age of 35. With an increase in age quality of sperms decreases which fail to fertilize the egg.
    3. Body fat affects fertility: Excess or low body fat affects the fertility both in men and women. In a study, it was found that 22% fat is important for healthy conception and ovulation process to take place.
    4. Age affects the fertility: Age is the biggest factor linked to women’s fertility. The ovulation decreases with increase in age. After 35 years of age, women have to struggle to get conceived. They may require special treatments to get pregnant. Ovulation stops when menopause is there. After menopause, women have to borrow eggs from the young women for fertilization.
    5. Smoking is a risk: The women who wanted to conceive should stop smoking. Before you get pregnant it is advisable to stop this smoking habit. Smoking can lead to miscarriages, birth defects or low weight of the fetus. Smoking can make you infertile also by blocking the fallopian tubes in women. It affects the eggs in women and sperms in men.
    6. One in six couples is infertile: It is not easy for all couples to conceive. Some couples suffer from infertility problems that can be due to infertility in male or female or both. Infertility can be due to any unexplained reasons also. Such couples need to take certain medications to fertilize. Special treatments such as IUI or IVF are also available to help such infertile couples.
    7. Lifestyle factors can hinder your fertility: Unhealthy diets, less physical work, more vigorous exercise, drinking alcohol are some lifestyle factors which can affect your fertility. These factors can delay your conception. Modifications in such factors can help to conceive.
    8. Supplements boost your conceptions: The couple who is planning to conceive should add vitamin and mineral supplements to their diet. Vitamin D helps to conceive with a healthy baby. Deficiency of multivitamins can lead to miscarriages or birth defects in the baby.
    9. Infertility is treatable: Infertility can be treated with some medications and surgical procedures. Some infertile couples are able to conceive with some medications only. Some require special techniques such as IVF for fertilization. IVF has proved to be a clinical innovation in infertility treatment.
    10. Oral health is associated with fertility: Gum disease can lead to complications in pregnancy. So it is important to keep the record of your oral hygiene also to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Always keep your gums and teeth healthy and don’t forget to visit the dentist if you are planning to become pregnant.


    Many of the couples are not aware of these facts related to fertility. Knowing such interesting facts can help the couple to plan their pregnancy in a much better way as per their convenience.

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