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    Inulin and Panthenol: Tonics for glowing skin

    Inulin and Panthenol: Tonics for glowing skin

    Trying to choose the right product for your skin type? Luckily, Panthenol and Inulin suit every skin type. That’s why they make you glow. I know what you’re thinking…is it a chemical? Yes. It is a chemical! But what’s the big deal? Let me explain it to you thoroughly.


    Deficiency of Vitamin B5 can lead to various dermatological disorders. Panthenol is a vitamin B5 derivative and is found to be a good skincare ingredient. It is widely used in cosmetics and various beauty products. Panthenol’s are having anti-inflammatory properties which are found beneficial in acne treatment. These are good lubricating agents, emollients and moisturizers.

    Panthenol converts into Pantothenic acid once applied. The benefits are numerous. The humectants, Pantothenic acid, help retain moisture in skin tissues. It helps to soothe a dry, itching skin. Due to these properties, Panthenol is one of the commonly used ingredients in many skincare products.

    Panthenol dissolves easily in water. For these reasons, it is commonly used in hair products as well. While rumours claim that Panthenol makes hair sticky but there is no evidence to support this. On the contrary, Panthenol’s structure is not similar to waxy substances at all. If you are experiencing a sticky texture after using a product, it is possibly due to another ingredient. Panthenol increases the volume of our hair and improves scalp health.


    Like Panthenol, Inulin is generally considered to be safe. One of the important advantages of Inulin is that it helps in the proper absorption of calcium, thus improving bone mineralization.

    Inulin is composed of fructose molecules and attached to glucose molecules on either end. Inulin’s solubility makes it very good at absorbing water as well, making it a natural oligosaccharide to hydrate the skin. It removes acne, pimples and other bad bacteria that lead to infection by increasing the growth of good bacteria. While Inulin is known to possess many benefits for the stomach and heart, the lesser known facts regarding skin and hair are rarely discussed.

    Due to these remarkable properties leading skin dermatological companies such as Sebamed are making them first choice for their products.

    Nevertheless, Inulin and Panthenol are quite a popular choice of the ingredient in Sebamed.

    Hope that you would also find the use of Sebamed good for your skin, especially in keeping it moisturized. The presence of Panthenol and Inulin makes the Sebamed products #1 brand for skincare in the market today. Please take a look at our catalogue for products related to Sebamed.

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