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    Link between weight gain and sleep deprivation

    Link between weight gain and sleep deprivation

    Despite hours of exercises and well-balanced diet, some people are not able to lose their weight. The reason behind this can be sleep apnea. Yes, sleep deprivation is one of the causes of weight gain. Or we can say weight gain leads to sleep deprivation. In a study, it was found that 90% of people who are obese are suffering from sleep apnea or vice versa. It is seen that maximum people underestimate the importance of sleep and they did not realize that good sleep not only keep them well all day but it maintains healthy body weight also. Especially in this fast moving life, it is very much important to have a good uninterrupted sleep so that our body can repair itself.

    How lack of sleep results in weight gain?

    Lack of sleep is related to weight gain. Below are some points to explain this relation in brief:

    1. Sleep deprivation affects our metabolism: It is found that people with 4-5 hours of sleep as compared with people with 8-9 hours of sleep feels more hunger. Lack of sleep changes the appetite and hunger by increasing the craving for fats and sugar-laden foods. It is found that overall calories intake is increased during the night due to sleep deprivation and which results in weight gain.
    2. Hormonal misbalance: Leptin is the hormone, which suppresses the appetite by allowing the body to expend more energy. There is a reduction in Leptin due to insufficient sleep and this results in the increase of calories intake during the night. This phenomenon leads to weight gain. Ghrelin is another hormone which is termed as hunger hormone. It is responsible for stimulation of appetite and increases food intake. Ghrelin levels go up when there is a lack of sleep.
    3. Increases fatigue: Lack of sleep increases fatigue which results in low physical activity and thus leading to weight gain. Fatigue is the common reason for weight gain as it reduces the energy levels due to which we feel sleepy during daytime also. No physical activity results in the accumulation of fat and ultimately weight gain.
    4. Increases Cortisol levels: Cortisol is the topmost culprits when we talk about sleep deprivation and weight gain. Cortisol regulates metabolism and control blood sugarCortisol and sleep are inversely proportional to each other. Less sleep increases cortisol levels thereby leading to more food cravings. Increase in cortisol levels leads to unhealthy food choices resulting in weight gain. Moreover, an increase in cortisol levels increases stress, which causes sleep deprivation.


    Lack of sleep is not only the risk factor for weight gain but it also leads to many other health problems such as stress, depression, diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases.  Sleep deprivation decreases the concentration and increases daytime sleepiness. All these factors affect our daily activities and make us lazy also.

    As sleep goes down, our weight goes up. So we must have a sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours daily to keep your body and mind fresh, active and healthy all day.

    Eat healthily, Sleep healthy and stay healthy.

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