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    Refresh yourself with these healthy summer drinks

    Refresh yourself with these healthy summer drinks

    Summer has already started to heat up. The hot winds are all around. So, it is necessary for us to keep our body hydrated always. The heat during summer can result in dehydration. An absence of water and essential nutrients in the body can increase the risk of several diseases. Drinking water is one of the best solutions for all summer problems. Along with there are some other natural drinks which can help the body to stay cool and hydrated. These drinks are full of essential nutrients which are important for the body to fight the summer. Here are some of the natural summer drinks which are healthy and delicious:

    1. Coconut water: One of the most common drinks is coconut water. It helps to replenish the lost electrolytes and provides essential nutrients. It is low in calories and acts as antioxidant It is a very beneficial drink to stay hydrated and keep the body and mind cool during hot summers.
    2. Ice tea: The perfect drink for summers to stay hydrated all the day is homemade iced tea. It includes various flavored herbs, lemon, and honey. A mixture of all of these with ice makes a delicious tea having various nutritional benefits. This helps to stay fit and healthy during summer by removing various toxins from the body.
    3. Basil Lemonade: A blend of basil and lemon makes a delicious drink. Lemons are a rich source of vitamin c and help in cleansing of the body while basil adds the flavor to the drink. It can be easily made at home by mixing basil leaves and lemon in chilled water.
    4. Buttermilk: One of the most popular drinks in north India is buttermilk called as Chhachh, Lassi or Mattha. It is low in fat and easy to digest. It is a powerful drink to keep your gut healthy during summers. Adding salt and cumin in the buttermilk enhances the taste. It is a natural drink which refreshes your mind and cools down the body temperature also. It is a powerhouse of nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamin b, and potassium. It helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure These numerous benefits make buttermilk a super cool drink for summers.
    5. Wood apple juice (Bael ka sharbat): This is one of the most preferred dinks during summers due to its extensive health benefits. It is a good source of vitamin c, fiber, proteins, and iron. These help to build strong immunity during summers by providing energy to the body. It acts a natural laxative and is good for skin also. The drink is made by mixing the seeded pulp with water.
    6. Thandai: It is one of the most loving energy drinks to beat the scorching heat during summers. The ingredients in the thandai come with a number of nutritional benefits. It is made by mixing peppercorn seeds, fennel seeds, rose petals, almonds in cold milk. This provides cooling effects to the body and helps in digestion also by acting as detoxifying agent.
    7. Jal Jeera: This is easy to make, a chilling and refreshing drink. It helps to build the strong immune system and protect the body from the fever during summers. Tamarind pulp, cumin, pepper, jaggery, and salt are mixed together in chilled water to make delicious Jal Jeera.
    8. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is the cheapest and tasty drink which not only refreshes the body but also provides numerous health benefits. It helps to reduce the mental stress and keep the body cholesterol It is known for various skin benefits as it contains vitamin c which is a good antioxidant. Adding mint, cumin, salt or honey enhances the flavor and taste of lemon juice.
    9. Aam Panna: This yummy drink is made by using raw mangoes. It helps to keep the body cool and prevent the heat strokes. It is also a rich source of vitamin c and iron.
    10. Fruit juice: Juice of various fresh fruits helps to nourish the body with essential nutrients. Fruit juice of strawberries, oranges, pineapples, melons, mosambi comes with amazing health benefits which can be consumed during summers. These replenish the lost nutrients and electrolytes and provide energy during summers.


    Don’t let this blazing summer to make you feel dehydrated, fatigued, sweaty and thirsty by incorporating this delicious summer drinks into your daily diet. So just quench your thirst and enjoy this summer with these nutritious healthy drinks.

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