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    Treating Migraine Naturally

    Treating Migraine Naturally

    A migraine is a painful condition which results in an unbearable headache and disturbs the normal functioning of life. As such, there is no cure for a migraine till now. There are several medications and treatment methods are available to relieve migraine pain and decrease the frequency of migraine attacks, but they do not cure the main cause which triggers a migraine. Also, there is a risk of getting dependent on such medicines. So it is better to go for some natural and home treatment methods to treat a migraine.

    Here are some of the best natural treatment methods:

    Use of cold therapy: Application of ice pack on the affected area can help to treat migraine pain. This helps to reduce the inflammations and also causes numbness in the affected area. Maximum sufferers of a migraine prefer cold therapy.

    Use of hot therapy: Application of something warm on the affected area or taking a hot shower hot helps to relax the muscles and thus increases the blood flow. Thus it helps to reduce the pain of a migraine.

    Massage: Massage can help to cure the pain of a migraine and can reduce the frequency of attacks as well. This promotes the relaxation by increasing the flow of blood and reducing muscle spasms. Massage also helps to balance the hormones and thus found very effective in treating migraine.

    Sound sleep: Taking a sound and adequate sleep is very effective in treating migraines. It is recommended to make a daily sleep schedule. Your sleep should be calm, cool and restful.

    Home remedies: There are some home remedies also which can help us to prevent the pain of a migraine. These are given below:

    1. Intake of magnesium
    2. Use of ginger in food.
    3. Application of peppermint oil
    4. Application of lavender oil
    5. Use of herbs such as butterbur or feverfew


    Healthy diet: Diet is a key factor in migraine pain. One should not skip meals if it triggers a migraine. Avoid such foods which trigger migraine pain. Avoid gluten in your diet. Try to eat healthy fat in your diet instead of low fat. Limit the amount of sodium intake as much as you can.Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits instead of processed foods.

    1. Foods to avoid: dairy products, citrus foods, eggs, onions, bananas, corn, chocolates, wheat, chicken, meat, Aspartame sweetener.
    2. Foods to eat: Brown rice or plain rice, green vegetables such as spinach, carrots, cherries, pears, cranberries.


    Avoid alcohol: Alcohol such as beer or red wine triggers a migraine as these react to tyramine and causes vasodilatation. Alcohol is supposed to be a diuretic and thus it results in dehydration. All these factors trigger a migraine. So intake of alcohol should be avoided by the patients with a migraine.

    Acupressure and Acupuncture: Acupressure and acupuncture are two old ancient practices for treating the pain of a migraine. These are safe and natural. These techniques help in relieving tension, increasing circulation and reducing pain. These are called as self-healing processes.

    Avoid stress: Managing your stress can help you to cope up with a migraine and its symptoms. Stress can trigger a migraine. It is very important to find the causes of stress and to manage them. This can help to reduce a migraine. Taking adequate sleep, regular exercise, practising yoga are some of the activities which can help us to cope up with the stress.

    Regular exercise: Doing regular exercise can help to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

    Yoga practice: Yoga is one the ancient activities if practised daily can help you to treat the headaches of a migraine. Yoga encapsulates various postures and breathing techniques in itself which helps to improve the circulation of blood. Yoga helps in cutting down tension and stress and thus helps in treating migraine.

    Supplement intake: Supplement intake such as vitamin B2 and CoQ10 are found to be effective in the treatment of migraine pain.

    The natural treatment methods are low cost, effective and can be done easily at home. These require only a couple of minutes from day to day working. Although the effectiveness of medications cannot be neglected but taking medicines every time can make you dependent on them. So we can try some natural treatment along with the use of some medicines to cure migraine pain. This can help to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and cure the symptoms at the earliest. Lifestyle changes can help a lot to deal with this unbearable pain and improve the quality of life.

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