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Hello ma'am...I am 23 yrs old female height 5 feet 3 inches and my weight is only 43...I seriously want to gain weight...can you suggest me a diet plan. ?

Question by Babita chaudhary

A high protein 2000 kcal diet is recommended.Eat small meals at regular intervals.High protein foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables should be part of your daily regimen. Include good fats from nuts and oils. You may also add a whey protein supplement to your diet.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

Diet in tb?

Question by Karuna

Patients suffering from tuberculosis need a highly nutritious ,healthy diet to build up their immunity to fight the disease. Get a detailed individualized diet plan which meets the patient's daily nutritional requirements and helps to recover faster. Share all the relevant info and consult online.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

After eating sufficient food i am not fit and healthy .i m very thin?

Question by Guest

Please share your age ,weight, medical history, dietary intake, blood reports which would help in planning a customized weight gain diet chart for you. Book an appointment and consult online.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

I am a diabetic patient what should I take a healthy diet in breakfast ?

Question by Raj Gupta

Breakfast can include 1. Sprouts, a bowl of porridge (oats or wheat with nuts) Fruits/ Boiled egg 2. Brown or whole wheat bread vegetable Sandwiches or Egg Sandwiches with a cup of tea or milk 3. Missi Roti ( Besan +Atta) with curd 4. Stuffed vegetable parantha ( with little oil) and curd. 5. Chapatis with a bowl of mixed vegetables.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

My mother is patient of Rheumatoid Arthrities. Suggest her diet schedule please ?


RA patients should include plenty of fruits ,veggies and whole grains in their daily diet as it would help in reducing inflammation . Fish,fish oils, nuts, olive oil rich in Omega 3 fatty acids have anti - inflammatory properties which control inflammation and reduce joints stiffness.A balanced low fat diet rich in antioxidants is the key.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

Diabetic diet ?

Question by Roshan lal

A general diabetic plan includes high fibre, complex carbohydrates, high BV proteins in small proportions at regular intervals with fats, sugars and refined carbs restriction. For a customized diet plan pl share your medical history, latest Blood Sugar Levels, age,wt and consult online.

Answer by Dr. Arushi