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I am a diabetic patient what should I take a healthy diet in breakfast ?

Question by Raj Gupta

Breakfast can include 1. Sprouts, a bowl of porridge (oats or wheat with nuts) Fruits/ Boiled egg 2. Brown or whole wheat bread vegetable Sandwiches or Egg Sandwiches with a cup of tea or milk 3. Missi Roti ( Besan +Atta) with curd 4. Stuffed vegetable parantha ( with little oil) and curd. 5. Chapatis with a bowl of mixed vegetables.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

actually i dont drink milk and milk products can i replace this?

Question by Harish

Soy milk and soy milk products (Tofu) which provide sufficient amount of proteins ,vitamins and is fortified with calcium, is a good substitute for dairy milk and milk products . Coconut milk , Almond milk can also be used. To meet your daily Calcium requirement , include non- dairy sources -Leafy vegetables, Nuts , Flax seeds , Sesame seeds.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

How to increase isolated low hdl cholesterol level??

Question by Vimal

1. Exercise- go for regular walks 2. Maintain your ideal weight 3.Include Omega 3 fatty acids sources - Fish, Nuts s and seeds( walnuts,almonds, flax seeds ,chia seeds) Olive oil and Canola oil. 4 .Consume plenty of colourful antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables .5. Avoid trans fats.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

Hi, I am 39 years old femal, working professional, mother of 2 kids.So far I have been not a fan of Dairy products and also faultered on taking sufficient calcium pills after my 2nd delivery of baby. This resulted that now I have pains in my bones, joints, I don\'t feel fresh, feel easily fatigued, also have less HB always around 9 to 10 , never more than that.Being in IT industry, its around 7,8 hrs of sitting job, which leaded to less blood cicrculation in legs, bit obesity. How to boost up my health so that I be fit and feel fit.?

Question by Sangeeta

A nutritionally balanced wholesome diet which includes 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruits with adequate amount of good quality proteins from animal and plant sources is recommended. Replace milk products with soy milk and soy products . Include Nuts , flax, sesame , pumpkin and sunflower seeds , eggs , leafy vegetables , lotus stem, jaggery ,dried dates and raisins to meet your calcium and iron requirements. Eat small meals at regular intervals. Never skip your breakfast as it the most important meal of the day. Make lifestyle modifications - exercise / brisk walk. Add a whey protein supplement in your diet.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

What to give to eat to patient having CKD 3/4?

Question by Manjeet Singh

You have not mentioned the age,gender and weight of the patient.Please share latest RFTs ,Serum Electrolytes (Na+ ,K+) Blood Sugar levels and other relevant investigations.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

Hello I am 29 year old and my weight is 67kg. My height is 5 . I want to loss my how I can?

Question by Naina

Your BMI is 28.8. A 1200 - 1300 kcal high protein ,high fibre,low fat diet would help you in achieving your desired weight. Include fibrous fruits and vegetables, salads , whole wheat products , oats and sprouts in your daily diet. Eggs , Chicken,Fish,Lean meat, Pulses, Soya, Nuts,Cottage cheese,Milk and milk products are good sources of proteins. Do not skip any meal - have small frequent meals instead. Drink 10- 12 glasses of water everyday. Restrict your salt intake by cutting down on table salt, salty foods, sauces, pickles etc. Avoid sweets ,sugars, junk food, fried and bakery products. Have two cups of green tea as it aids in weight loss. Brisk walks/ Exercise should be a part of your daily routine.

Answer by Dr. Arushi