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Hello Dr...mera nam neha hai mere face pe bhut pimpal hogye the But an nhi spot rhgye hai air pigment b hone lge hai plz suggest me useful diet pigment spot .?

Question by Neha

Vitamins A, C and E, and Zinc are powerful antioxidants which are good for your skin as these help in reducing dark spots and pigmentation .Consume plenty of skin friendly colourful vegetables and fruits - Spinach,Carrots,Peppers,Broccoli,Orange,Lemon, Papaya, Apples,Tomatoes.Also Include fish, nuts ,eggs in your diet . Try to have two cups of green tea everyday. A wholesome ,balanced diet with plenty of water will help in keeping your skin healthy.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

I am 60 +male 5'7" weight can I loss my weight?

Question by Soumitra Roy Tapu

Do not skip your meals - Eat small and at regular intervals. Take green tea twice a day. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits. Protein intake should be about 65 gms / day, so incorporate protein sources from Egg whites,Chicken , Fish, Pulses ,Beans ,Cheese, Milk ,Soya and Nuts in your meals everyday . Increase your fibre intake - salads, whole wheat products,oats,fruits with skin. You should avoid trans fats which we get from fried foods ,Bakery and Snacks . Cut down on sugars and sweets.Drink 2- 2.5 L of water everyday. Go for walks at least 5 times a week.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

pls suggest me some eostrogen rich foods and how they should be incorporated in daily diet.Thanks?

Question by Name

Some of the foods which have Phytoestrogens are : Sesame Seeds ( as til ladoo) ,Soya ( in the form of tofu, soya milk, roasted soya beans), Flax Seeds ( grind and add in curd) and Dried Dates . Also include beans and legumes in your daily diet .

Answer by Dr. Arushi

Hi Dr,i am in my 20s, underweight and very thin,i want to put weight on the upper part of my body,pls suggest diet.?

Question by No name

A high protein diet which includes first class proteins from eggs ,fish ,chicken along with pulses, cheese, soya and milk and milk products should be a part of your daily meal plan. Also include a high protein supplement which can be added in milk . This will help you to meet your recommended daily protein intake. You need to eat every 2 hours . 60- 65% of calories should come from Carbohydrates - which have a protein sparing action. Good healthy fats from nuts,seeds ,olive oil, canola oil will help to increase the calories and provide energy.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

Hi. may you tell me whats the difference between prototal whey protein and optimum nutrition (ON) whey protein??

Question by Rajat

Those are protein supplements which have Whey Protein Isolates- the purest form of whey, as their main ingredient. Prototal whey is sugar free hence safe for diabetics .It provides approx 10 gms of proteins per serving. ON Whey provides 24 gms of proteins in one serving .

Answer by Dr. Arushi

Female,33 years old,69kgs and 5.4 height.want to lose 10kgs weight please mention diet plan.thx?

Question by Samina

Start your day with a cup of green tea. Breakfast should consist of oats, egg whites, toast ,fruits.Have small frequent meals at regular intervals. Sprouts, soups, nuts , seeds, fruits, oat cookies for snacking and curbing hunger pangs. Main meals should consist of pulses or lean meat,fish, veggies, curd and 2 chapatis. Fibre ad lib. Drink 8- 10 glasses of water/day. Cut down on sugars, Junk food ,refined carbs, and unhealthy fats. Go for brisk walks . Good Luck!

Answer by Dr. Arushi