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Hi mam im very give me solution?

Question by Sanidul islam

You have not mentioned your height and weight, I can only advice you to gradually increase your daily food and calorie intake by eating every 2-3 hours. Incorporate high biological value proteins -eggs, fish, chicken.If a vegetarian, a whey protein supplement can help . Your diet should include 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables. Fats in the form of butter, nuts, ghee, oils should be included to increase calories. Carbhydrates provide energy so add sugars, honey, jaggery in your meais daily.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

Hello mam, I need to know that how can I take care of my eyes as I work for almost 8 hrs continously on laptop??

Question by ANN Pharma

Hi! For healthy eyes , have plenty of colourful vegetables and fruits as these provide all the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed. I would advice you to take Omega -3 fatty acids regularly (Fish and fish oils ,flax seeds, walnuts, soyabean , spinach are excellent sources) to prevent dry eyes .Eat eggs everyday. Drink plenty of water and some tea too as flavonoids are good for your eyes.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

I am a 23 years old female and I weigh 65 kgs. My height is 5 feet 2 inches. I want to lose weight. How can I achieve my goal using diet planning?

Question by Biswabijoy

1. Do not skip your meals - eat small portions frequently 2. Liberal intake of fibrous fruits and vegetables 3. High Protein intake( chicken, fish, eggs ,dals , nuts ,soya ,dairy) 4.Avoid Junk food,sweets and fats 5.Drink 10- 12 glasses of water everyday 6. Exercise

Answer by Dr. Arushi

I am diabetic. How can I control my sugar levels using diet planning?

Question by Bhaskar

Diabetics should eat small meals at regular intervals , increase fibre intake ( salads,leafy vegs, whole grains and cereals ,whole wheat products, fruits with skin, oats ,sprouts), include good quality proteins, restrict the intake of refined carbohydrates, and avoid sugars and fats.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

I am a vegetarian. How can I get sufficient proteins?

Question by Ajay

Vegetarians can meet their daily protein requirement by including pulses and legumes, beans dairy products , soya products such as tofu,soyamilk, and nuts in the diet.

Answer by Dr. Arushi

How do I maintain a balanced diet?

Question by Bijoy

A balanced diet can be maintained by including all the food groups in right proportion in your daily meals. These food groups are 1.Cereals 2. Lean meat and poultry, Fish , Eggs, Nuts , Legumes and Beans 3. Milk and milk products, Curd ,cheese 4.Vegetables and Fruits 5. Oils and Sugar

Answer by Dr. Arushi