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AiSoft has shown remarkable expertise in providing HR and IT services over the years.

AiSoft is dedicated to providing Human Resource and IT services to large corporations and small businesses around the world. Our team consists of skilled experts from various industry domains, ensuring exceptional services. Under the leadership of our founder, we strive for excellence in the HR and IT solutions field. We are proud to be associated with major players in the IT industry and continue to thrive. Our goal at PIPL is to achieve rapid growth for our company while helping our clients succeed and evolve. We have a mission to serve millions of business owners and corporations

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Why Choose Us

AiSoft has been providing services for wide range of services.

Process driven services

We know that processes are essential for our services to work smoothly. That's why we've created a clear and well-defined framework for our services and ensure our team follows it diligently. By sticking to these processes, we maintain consistency at all times.

Technology driven Services

We utilize cutting-edge tools and technology in our customer environments, implementing a technology-driven approach across our services. For instance, we use automated resume matching in Recruitment and automated problem detection in IT services.

Professional Staff

AiSoft values long-term relationships and actively nurtures them. Account managers not only ensure the timely delivery of committed tasks but also focus on strengthening the relationships over time.


AiSoft truly values the importance of our clients' businesses and their reputation. Therefore, we diligently follow all statutory, process, and business rules and guidelines. Our commitment to compliance has earned us an award, making us a highly trustworthy partner for our customers.

Our Services

Recruitment & Custom IT Solutions for Your Successful Business

Contract Staffing

We cater to your temporary IT needs with a wide range of skillsets. We provide both short and long term contracts.

Payroll Services

We offer a range of services, including payroll processing, benefits administration, compliance management, and more.

Managed IT Services

Our team of experts understand your business objectives and achieve them with guaranteed SLAs.

Project IT Services

We manage important projects with precise deadlines, catering to our top-tier clients.

Recruitment Solutions

AiSoft is your one-stop solution for all your recruitment and staffing needs. We provide tailored hiring services that match your business requirements.

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